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Here’s what some of our South Lake Tahoe, CA customers are saying about us:

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! Traveling in our motor home through the mountains, our brakes started squealing. They got us right in, told us they should be replaced (yeah, we had a lot of miles on them). Got the back ones fixed that day, and waited for the front ones to be shipped the next morning, and had us out before noon that day. Thanks!

    Bill Carla Hall Google Review

    Exelent. Job done fast. As requested and when issues do occur they always seem to help in the best possible way even sometimes doin extra work beyond their compensation.

    Carlos B. Yelp Review

    So I had heard that the snow was coming here in Tahoe and was told awhile ago by another shop that I needed outer tie rods so I figured I better get this done before the snow hits. I originally went to the shop that told me I needed them and they couldn't get me in because they didn't have the parts. I called another place and they couldn't get me in. I remembered Tahoe four wheel drive because I got an oil change there before so I called them. They were super friendly on the phone, and they said they could get me in right away. They gave me a ride to a nearby shopping center so I could kill time while they were doing the repairs and they came and got me when my vehicle was ready. Overall, it was a good experience and they were under the quote I received from the other place! I will come back and I will recommend to a friend!

    Sandra M. Yelp Review

    We were 17 miles south of South Lake Tahoe when the water pump went out on our car which broke the serpentine belt. This happened around 3:30. We called AAA. The tow truck going to be there to pick us up at 5:30. I called Tahoe 4 Wheel Drive. He said that he would stay open late for us to bring the car in & he'd come in on Saturday (his day off) to fix our car. So we could go home. Our car was fixed at 1:00pm Saturday. They went above & beyond. Awesome work! Very nice people!! Would recommend to anyone.

    Laurie G. Yelp Review

    What great service....I have been going to them for 20 years!!! I have had many different vehicles and they have the knowledge and experience that you look for in a repair is establishment.

    Rosie B. Yelp Review

    Good business. Professional service. Highly recommend. Was stuck in a bind with a tough repair. They were able to save me about $5000 that Ford service shop had 'recommended'. Would refer a friend here.

    Michael R. Yelp Review

    They got the car in and taken care of that same afternoon. We were very pleased. Thank you!

    Gary L. DemandForced Review
  • Simply the best mechanics and best run shop in town. They are fair, professional and very knowledgable. They do what you need and won't try to sell you more if you don't need it.

    Emma G. Yelp Review

    Saved my bacon! My car broke down on Xmas eve and I was going to be stuck here. Jim stayed three hours past closing to get my car fixed so I could get my family home for Xmas. Honest, reliable work. This business has heart and I would recommend them to anyone!

    Ryan O. Yelp Review

    This shop is just simply, the best I have ever been to. I had the misfortune of breaking down in Tahoe while trying to get back home a few weeks ago. These Gentlemen were so friendly and accomodating. It was later on a Friday, and they stayed late to diagnose the problem. The nice man that I was dealing with in the office, sat and called around until he found a place that had the part, and could get it here the quickest. I guess I should explain; I work for a physicians office back home, and this is the first vacation I have had in countless years. Unfortunately, it was absolutely imparative that I make it home by Monday. Most of the places could not even get the part, let alone in time to get me home. Well luck was on my side as he found a place that could get the part there Saturday afternoon. This wonderful man, not only came in to start the repair late on Saturday, he came in on Sunday morning and finished it for me, giving up his own days off to get me home. They also called around and helped me find a motel that had an available room. Not an easy feat on a Friday evening. They then gave me a ride to the motel, as well as picking me up when it was done. These guys are a friendly, fair, first class business. I would not hesitate to recommend them to friends, family, and anyone else I know.

    Katarina P. Yelp Review

    My car was leaking fluid after an 8 hour trip up to Tahoe for my anniversary, and knowing nothing about cars I was worried. I called early on a Saturday, and they took me in without question. I'm not sure that they were even technically open! They quickly assessed the problem and explained what was going on in a way I could understand, put us at ease, and didn't charge us a dime. We left feeling 100% better and I cannot thank Tahoe 4 Wheel Drive enough for giving us peace of mind during our trip.

    Carrie S. Yelp Review

    I got side swiped coming over 50 in a storm. It seemed fine, but I wanted to get the truck, actually not a 4wd, inspected before driving back home. I called another shop and they didn't even want to talk to me. Fortunately, the mechanic at Tahoe Four Wheel was much different. He was very helpful on the phone, and said bring the truck over. He took a quick look at it in the lot, and said everything seemed o.k. Most of the damage was just in front of the driver's side door, and it only glanced the wheel. I drove it home, cautiously at first. It had no problems. Still, having a mechanic look at it gave me the peace of mind . Finally, he refused payment. I was really grateful for his time and helpful attitude. From my experience, they deserve their AAA approval.

    Chris B. Yelp Review
  • Definitely a class operation, they went out of their way to help me in an emergency situation and then charged me a VERY reasonable amount for a diagnosis. Their schedule precluded them actually repairing my vehicle, but the diagnosis and other info they freely provided made it possible for me to complete repairs myself, so I can SKI tomorrow instead of dealing with car repairs! AWESOME! Thanks Very much!

    Barrey J. Yelp Review

    Bought a used F250 diesel. Took it to a Ford dealership to check it out; dealership recommended $1,200 in repairs. Wanted a second opinion so I took it to Tahoe Diesel. They did a complete safety check while I waited. Total recommended repairs , nada, zip. They told me the truck was in great condition. What did they charge me for the safety check? , nada, zip. Where do you think I am taking my truck for service from now on? Too bad they don't have six star ratings.

    Harry L. Yelp Review

    Outstanding diesel techs: James and Amanda. We drove to Lake Tahoe on vacation, and on the way, our Ford F350 dually got steadily worse. By the time we hit Tahoe, it was stalling in the middle of town. Context: two different Ford dealers swore they had fixed it. James and Amanda went through the trouble codes, found the actual 'disease' instead of just the symptom, and fixed the problem. Truck was flawless all the way home, and has stayed that way.

    Chris M. Yelp Review

    I was in Tahoe on the Saturday before Christmas with car trouble in a snowstorm when my van's transmission started to give a nasty burning smell, and lost power. With my family in Tahoe and my folks coming up to San Francisco the next day, I was over a barrel and waiting to get hammered. Yelp showed 3 shops, only one of which would take me. According to other yelp reviews, each shop would charge $200 ish for a transmission service. James at Tahoe Four Wheel Drive scanned the transmission, noted a 'code,' and I started seeing trouble. But after checking the trans fluid and not smelling too much burn, he took another look and realized that my chains were on badly (backwards and without tensioners) and determined that my wheels had been spinning inside the chains, which would have caused the code and the burning smell. When I got back to SF, my mechanic confirmed that Tahoe Four Wheel Drive was right. After seeing my on the Saturday before Christmas in a blinding (for me) snowstorm and having me at his mercy, he put on the chains correctly, sold me tensioners for $2 and charged me $25. I've been very lucky with mechanics, but James and Tahoe Four Wheel Drive did me right when they could easily have fleeced me.

    George D. Yelp Review

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